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Deportation Orders Threaten Trump's Territory of Real Estate Market

Demographics experts told that immigrants represent the significant share of the real estate market. The property tycoon has gained the status of the president, which will surely bust the real estate market. But unfortunately, this leaves the unanticipated impact on the housing market because of the crackdown on illegal immigration. 

The Director of Population Dynamics Research Group Mr. Dowell Myers said that “Economy and the whole society have to face the consequences when the public does not value the immigrants because they do rise the housing market price.” He also added that Immigrants represent and own a great share of house values. If the real estate owner subtracts the amount of the demand, it will surely jeopardize the housing values. 

A study presented by the Immigrant Contributions to Housing Demand in the US states that during this decade the growth in homeowners will be 35.7%, renter households will increase to 26.4% while nationwide immigrant’s households will boost to 32.2%. 

The report created also found that the foreign-born homeowners will increase to the US every decade and immigrant homeowners have risen from 0.8 million to 2.8 million in the recent years. It is true that Florida, New York, and California was once concentrated with immigrants but after the economic crash in 2007, it affected the deportation. 

The policy analyst of the Cato Institute states that the crackdown on the property values and rates have been clearly seen which is due to the effect of immigrant restriction. Alex Nowrasteh also mentioned in his statement that At least two hundred thousand people left immediately because of irregular immigration laws, which resulted in the housing collapse. However, Phoenix has to experience more economy crash other than Las Vegas. It was a time when massive increments have been observed in rental vacancies and decline in real estate prices after immigration laws were proposed. 

Such situation will inevitably breakdown the pyramid and destabilizes the immigrant’s communities. The loss of immigrants has undermined the structure of pricing. Last year report has shown a gap between the immigrant and native-born homeowners which has shrunk during the last two decades. The gap is at least 15% down that was nearly 21 points. 
The real danger have been observed in the long-term immigration crackdown flow in the country which will show result in the housing market, and people will not appreciate this act, but the situations will get more complicated ending in high rates of unemployment.

If the pauses for the immigrants have been released, then future immigrants and the descendants will account for US population increase up t o 88%, making 103 million people between 2015 and 2065. Myers mentioned that the housing market is the first concern but the immigration will undoubtedly destabilize communities, and the results are pretty clear. 

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