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Make Passive Income in the Real Estate Industry Smartly

It is a dream for most individuals to somehow buy a home for their family but for someone who is a high net worth individual, buying a property is not just for living but to make passive income. He is aiming to secure attractive returns on his investment. One of the clever ways of making passive income in real estate is to buy luxury homes in the shape of mansions, bungalows, and even condominiums that can fetch high rentals. The sky is the limit for you if you know how to choose hot properties that will not only appreciate sharply in future in terms of their price but also start to earn a steady stream of income for you in the form of rentals. The most important factor to consider in luxury rentals is of course the location of the property. Here are a few factors you need to know before you’d be able to make passive income in real estate smartly:

How much money should you have?

If you are looking to invest in luxury properties, make sure you have lots of money in your account.. Of course you can own a property that classifies as luxury for as little as half a million dollars but you will be disappointed with the returns on your investment as these properties are mostly located in ordinary neighborhoods. If you want to secure high rental values, you need luxury properties in localities like Beverly Hills or Hollywood Hills where people line up to somehow get a chance to live in the company of celebrities. Properties in places like these are costly and they can set you back by a few millions. It is better to aim for a property worth $2 million that guarantees high rental value per month than investing $500 thousand in an area that is not high on demand.

Invest in places that are top tourist destinations

There are some places in the globe where there is no dearth of people lining up to buy properties. Among these top tourist destinations, there happen to be small island nations where you are not required to pay annual property taxes. Among these, the most popular these are Calcos Islands, the Dominican Republic, and many other such places where owners are not required to pay taxes to authorities like homeowners in the country. Do not buy a luxury property with poor transportation facilities to other places of tourist attraction nearby. Buying a small condominium with all luxuries is a better idea than buying a huge villa that proves hard to maintain.

Advantages of Buying Property and Holding it to Make Passive Income

Sometimes buying the properties and hold it brings more profit in real estate industry. Real estate offers both consistent return and equality appreciation. If you buy a good property and hold the investment not only offset the expenses but also provides income every month. Buying the real estate property and hold it for long time is the ultimate way to enhance the income. You can give the property on rental basis and make money by buying the property and hold the investment to hike the desirable price to earn money. Real estate like any other assets can go up in value. So, it is the best strategy to hold on the property without making hurry in selling the property with a great loss.


You can find good deals and hold it for the better future. An investor can create an ultimate way for residual income. Nowadays many people are investing in good deals and getting more benefits with it. The more you invest the more you earn. Moreover you can give your property for rental purposes too. Many investors apply these strategies and make it the source of income. On the perfect tie when the price hikes, they sell the properties to earn unbelievable money.

In order become rice and make passive income, you should make good deals in properties and hold them for long period. It is better to consult with the professional broker and make the best deal in real estate industry. Never make hurry in selling the properties when the properties rates are down. You can save yourself with a great loss. It is better to wait for the right time and sell the properties which make you rich by slow income. Buying the properties and holding the investment is the best way to earn money for the investors.

Invest in Residential Property

The biggest advantage of residential income property (if you can manage dealing with all the tenants successfully) is that you gradually build a hard asset for yourself. What makes this business proposition attractive is that you utilize other people’s money to create this asset for yourself i.e. a huge passive income source for life.

However, you also need to carefully analyze all the pros and cons of owning residential income property before moving ahead. While in principle the concept of residential income property appears to be too attractive to be true, the reality is that being a landlord of a property that contains dozens of housing units is not an easy job. You have to deal with many tenants that require investing a lot of your time. This means that you will have much less time to look after your own needs consider yourself as a manager of your property all the time. Although you can hire a full time manager to deal with your tenants and also for collecting rent from them, it adversely affects the profitability of your projects.

Do your homework to make sure that the project is financially feasible

Your own research about the rental value of a residential property may be a good starting point but lenders do not readily agree to finance your project until they are convinced about its feasibility. You need to convince the loaning officer that you can generate enough income from the property to easily meet the debt obligations. However, the very fact that you wish to earn m0oney from the property makes it a commercial real estate and the lender treats it differently from the ordinary mortgage loans. Be prepared to arrange down payment that is 25% of the total value of the property and interest rate that is higher than rate charged by the lender on normal home loans.

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