Tom Hamm



Title: Senior Advisor

Profession: Real Estate Agent/Broker

Organization: Real Estate Brokers/Agents

Office Phone: 203-968-1800 Ext:

Company Information:

Sperry Van Ness

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Phone: (203) 968-1800 Ext:

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P.O.Box 16853 Stamford, Connecticut 06907

About Me:

Tom Hamm serves as Senior Advisor for Sperry Van Ness, specializing in the sale of hospitality properties in several states across the country. Hamm has over 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. Attesting to his strong client relationships, a large percentage of his transactions has been repeat sales of the same property or multiple transactions with the same buyers or sellers. His clients have ranged from major financial institutions to individual owner operators, including Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Days Inn, and AmeriSuites, as well as independent hospitality clients. Hamm has an extensive understanding of the lodging business and applies this knowledge to the marketing process. Through his keen knowledge of buyers’ needs, Hamm has been able to effectively match carefully selected buyers with a specific property. It has been this knowledge and understanding that has made his clients loyal. An example of his expertise in the hospitality market is that of the Meadowlands Hilton, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Having successfully sold a supposedly unsaleable hotel for Equitable, Hamm was given the assignment to sell the Hilton after another large brokerage failed to produce a satisfactory deal. Not only did his customer buy the property, but they resold it through Hamm five years later at quadruple their purchase price. Following that transaction, he sold another 400-room Hilton for the same owners.

My Company:

n 1987, frustrated with the way the industry handled clients and transactions, the founders of Sperry Van Ness did something about it. They pioneered a better way of handling real estate transactions that put the client’s interests first. Their mission? Create unprecedented value for Sperry Van N...

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